Top 3 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies

We’ve all been taught early on to eat our veggies because “it’s good for you”. Getting your daily dose by chowing down on large salads every day can get old and boring fast though. This is where green smoothies come to the rescue!

What is a green smoothie?

Green smoothies are all the rage these days as you may likely have seen people at work or walking around the streets sipping on a glass of thick green liquid. It usually consists of blended raw green vegetables such as spinach and kale, combined with at least one sweet fruit that hides the taste of the vegetables, along with ice, water, or yogurts. It’s a powerhouse of nutrition neatly packaged up in a convenient liquid meal or snack.

Why do I blend?

Blending green smoothies is a quick, easy and sustainable lifestyle change and I’ve personally experienced glowing skin and healed nearsightedness that allowed me to bid goodbye to eyeglasses and contact lenses that I’ve worn since high school!

I also attribute my healthy 38-weeks full-term twin pregnancy to the green smoothies as they gave me the energy to “power walk” 20 minutes around the neighborhood park every day up until the last week of my pregnancy. The twins were born at a combined weight of 11 pounds and 11 ounces. By the way, did I mention that I’m only 5-feet tall and weighed a little over 100 pounds prior to the pregnancy? No one, least of all myself, expected this amazing blessing! It was the best head start I could have given to them as a mother and I was so grateful and relieved to take them home with me from the hospital delivery.

What’s all the buzz about?

Need more convincing on the power of green smoothies? Here are 3 reasons why green smoothies are a great addition to your day:

1. Aids in digesting the nourishing nutrients

Raw vegetables and fruits contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals and are low in calories. The vitamins A, C, and chlorophyll found in green smoothies can boost your immune system and alkalize your body to prevent ailments.

Blending the fruits and vegetables not only makes it fun and easy to meet your recommended daily intake but also aids your body in absorbing these vital nutrients.

Blending the fruits and vegetables not only makes it fun and easy to meet your recommended daily intake of 5 servings, According to green smoothie pioneer, Victoria Boutenko, in her groundbreaking book “Green for Life”, but our stomach also loses its ability to absorb nutrients over time, and a powerful blender can do a better job then your teeth to grind away the tough cellular walls, making it easier for our bodies to extract the nutrients and assimilate them.

2. Energy without the crash

Since the blender helped to shoulder some workload from your digestive system, your body can more easily convert the nutrients to a boost of energy. While some fruits may be high in sugar, the high fiber content in green smoothies helps to slow the absorption of sugar so that your body can receive a steady dose of energy without feeling the crash.

3. Effortless weight loss

The fiber in green smoothies can also act as a sponge to clean and pick up impurities from your body. This gets things moving through your bowel and therefore contributes to weight loss; even if all you did was introduce green smoothies to your diet and changed nothing else, you will likely start losing weight. Your skin will also reflect the results of this internal cleanse with a glow!

Smoothies can also be made to replace your meals, as the water and fiber content can keep you full for quite some time. I drink my green smoothies first thing in the morning as breakfast to start off the day on a healthy vibe. Over time, you will notice that you crave less sugar and more greens.

Ready to start a new life-changing habit today? Check out this delicious Perfect Beginner Smoothie. It’ll tingle your taste buds and start your journey to a healthy weight!

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